Holiday Gifts for Everyone on the List!

November 28th, 2017

For those of us that dislike the holiday shopping; and maybe prefer to make sure everyone gets a thoughtful gift for the holidays! DIY’s are the best present to bring out the inner creativity and truly get you into the holiday spirit. Save some cash, and spend the time crafting for the holidays – here are a few of some great DIY present ideas for anyone!

Vanilla Bath Salts


For anyone who loves going to the spa, or simply anyone who enjoys spending time with a relaxing bath at the end of the day!

Tutorial here.

Homemade Soap

This blogger has easy-to-follow directions for making grapefruit and lavender or coconut and mint soap. Get the tutorial at A House in the Hills »

Making soap can be very easy and everybody loves a great scented soap!

Tutorial here.

Lighted Canvas


We all have someone in our life who goes all out with the holiday decorations – add something to their collection!

Tutorial here.

Wooden Coasters


A great present for those rustic, woodsy people!

Tutorial here.

Memory Ceramic Coasters

Refocus plain ceramic tiles as snappy coasters. Blogger Brittany Moser of made these Polaroid-inspired drink rests from color photos and square tiles (a steal at 98 cents apiece). First, trim a photo to 3 3/4"W x 3 1/4"H. Using a foam brush, spread Mod Podge on the back of the image; then position it on a tile, leaving a 1/4-inch border at the top and sides, and a 3/4-inch border at the bottom. Let dry for 30 minutes. Spread Mod Podge over the photo and exposed tile borders and let dry for one hour; repeat two to three more times. Spray with clear sealant and let dry for 24 hours. Finally, affix adhesive felt pads to the underside corners of your picture-perfect tiles. What you'll need: 2" foam brush ($0.47,; Mod Podge, 8 oz. ($5;; 5 4"-square ceramic tiles ($0.98 each,; Waxman 3/8" adhesive felt pads ($4,

A great present full of memory snapshots!

Tutorial here.

Coffee Lover Kit


For the caffeine-lovers.

Tutorial here.

Quoted Tea Pot

For the caffeine-lovers that have a tea preference.


Tutorial here.

Cutting Board Spice Rack

Repurpose an old cutting board by using screws to attach small wooden cheese boxes to a rectangular cutting board. Then add a leather strap for hanging. What you'll need: vintage wooden cheese boxes (from $11, 

Finding something new and creative for the chefs in our lives can be difficult – but this is a great present for the holidays!

Tutorial here.

Marbled Ring Dish

Keep odds and ends in check with a cheerful bowl made from oven-bake clay. The key is mixing white, gray and black with their favorite hues. Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess »

A cute, cheerful bowl made from clay for the jewelry lovers.

Tutorial here.

Caramel Cracker Candy

Who needs a candy thermometer? This sweet-and-salty dessert (made with saltines!) only requires a microwave. Get the recipe »

A yummy homemade treat is a great way to show appreciation for everyone in your life!

Recipe here.

Painted Glassware

Use acrylic paint (but seal it afterwards) to recreate these confetti-dipped glasses. Get the tutorial at Radical Possibility »

Create these confetti styles glasses, or use any design in mind to make a unique gift!

Tutorial here.

iPhone Easel

Because sometimes you just need a place to prop you phone, right? Get the tutorial at Minted Strawberry »

Having a place to prop your phone is always convenient.

Tutorial here.

Succulent Box

A box filled with budding plants is just the present we'd love to receive. Get the tutorial at Burkatron. »

Know somebody looking to get into the succulent trend?

Tutorial here.

Superhero Pillows

Superheroes are timeless. So whether it's for your four-year-old or the hubby, a pillow with all of their favorite characters is sure to win some smiles. Get the the tutorial at Cherished Bliss »

A great idea for the Marvel obsessors!

Tutorial here.

Faux Birch Candles


For anyone who appreciates that cozy-cabin vibe.

Tutorial here.


Healthy Holidays

November 7th, 2017

The holidays are approaching, and with the holidays comes the endless plates of food. For anyone trying to eat healthily, this time of year can be incredibly daunting. But, the holidays can be full of food – healthy, high-quality foods with a little bit of planning and awareness.

Paying attention to what you are eating during the holidays is incredibly important, or if you are throwing the holiday festivities – be aware of what you are cooking. To assist in conquering the holiday food – here is a collection of recipes to use that are not only tasty but also healthy!

Rosemary Roasted Potatoes

Vegeterian Mushroom Gravy

Mashed Cauliflower

Pumpkin Dream Bars

Zucchini Enchiladas

Tuscan Spaghetti Squash

Garlic Parmesan Salmon

Cauliflower Stuffing

Peanut Butter Apple Nachos

Harvest Bowls


Spooktacular Events

October 14th, 2017

The month of October brings sweaters, chilled weather, hot drinks, and most importantly Halloween. Halloween brings out the inner youth in us all, whether it is dressing up or simply collecting your favorite candy and watching some spooky movies!

If you obsess over the tons of different events that Halloween brings, Maryland will not be letting you down.

Here are a few of some events well-worth going to:


When: October 21st

Where: Irvine Nature Center (11201 Garrison Forest Rd., Owings Mills, Maryland 21117

An event filled with activities for everyone – including great food, music, and most importantly FUN. A few of the activities that will be taking place include, hayride, magic show, sack races, haybale slides and the list continues!

More Information: Click Here.

Halloween at Hunt Valley Towne Centre

When: October 27th

Where: Hunt Valley Towne Centre (118 Shawan Rd., Hunt Valley, Maryland 21030)

Not only is there trick-or-treating through the Centre, but also enjoy a FREE magic show afterward!

More Information: Click Here.

Halloween Fun at the Shops at Kenilworth

When: October 27th

Where: The Shops at Kenilworth (800 Kenilworth Dr., Towson, Maryland 21204)

An event for the younger audience – filled with candy, face painting, a parade, and more!

More Information: Click Here.


When: October 27th

Where: The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore (1 Safari Place, Baltimore, Maryland 21217)

Nothing like enjoying trick-or-treat festivities in a zoo! Plus, don’t miss the chance to see animals get Halloween treats of their own!

More Information: Click Here.


When: October 28th

Where: 192 Main St., Reisterstown, Maryland 21136

Enjoy crafts, face painting, candy, and of course some spooky stories!

More Information: Click Here.

The Fire Museum of Maryland Lantern Night

When: October 28th

Where: 1301 York Rd., Lutherville, Maryland 21093

An annual event geared to those of all ages! Enjoy the re-enactors, beer, gourmet candy, and chocolate! If you go in costume you will even get half-off the admission costs!

More Information: Click Here.

Ninth Annual Cockeysville Fall Festival

When: October 28th

Where: Cranbrook Shopping Center (550 Cranbrook Rd., Cockeysville, Maryland 21030)

A fun fall, friendly, community event to enjoy local vendors, musicians, carnival games, and more!

More Information: Click Here.


CRVFC Spooktacular Trunk-or-Treat

When: October 29th

Where: Chestnut Ridge Volunteer Fire Company 500 (12020 Greenspring Ave., Owings Mills, Maryland 21117)

A unique way to express your creativity by decorating the trunk of your car! And enjoy – crafts, trick-or-treating, and of course a Haunted House!

More Information: Click Here.


It is safe to say Maryland is filled with events in October to celebrate Halloween or simply the beautiful season!

The Ultimate Meal Prepping Guide

September 21st, 2017

Everyone strives to eat healthily, but the stress of the week can result in making not the healthiest of decisions for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. But there is a solution that is trending for all of the right reasons, meal prepping. This term is thrown around a lot on social media, but essentially it means creating all the meals for the week during some of that leisure time on the weekends. It may seem like another chore for the weekend, but it will pay off in making your weeks go much smoother. And, consequently, you can spend a bit more energy into making healthier meal decisions. This may be something you have always wanted to start, but unsure of where to start and it can even seem daunting. Nevertheless, this post is to guide you and propel you to the superb lifestyle of meal preparation.


Where Do I Begin?

The most important questions to ask yourself before you begin, why are you deciding to meal prep? Consider any dietary or nutritional desires, or just overall wanting to save time during the weekdays. From here, you can go ahead and purchase one of the most important materials – Tupperware. Or if you are unsure if you want to do this, go ahead and rummage through the cabinet and use those!

One of the best types of containers to buy is anything that has compartments, but no specifics are required.

Here are a few suggestions:




The next step is finding the best time of the week to allocate to meal preparations and potentially grocery shopping. Whether you have weekends off, or any other days during the week find the time when you can consistently put in a few hours to prepare the meals for the rest days you have commitments. One of the best ways to do this is simply to use a calendar, planner, or an electronic version of these. When allocating time, take into consideration the types of meals you want to prepare and how long they may take. And lastly, take into consideration how many people you want to prepare meals for each one; preparing meals for one or two people may take a much shorter time than if you were to prepare meals for four to five people, and so on.


How Do I Decide ‘What’ to Eat?

While finding the time is a key to this, it is also important to be attentive to the budget you have for groceries. Look at the amount you can spend on groceries say per month, or per week. This will allow for consistency and potentially even save you money. Then, as mentioned prior, take into consideration any dietary preferences such as no dairy, minimum carbohydrates, vegan, etc. Along with if there is a desire to have overall healthier meals.

The next step will be to decide how many times you want to grocery shop in a month time span. If you are just beginning, it may be easier to do the shopping once a week until you learn more about how much food you are going to be eating per week. As well, produce items, or food that has a shorter shelf-life may be something you will want to buy once a week.

(A GREAT way to get your weekly produce can be through obtaining it locally through, Hungry Harvest. This company hand delivers local produce to your door every week and can be customized to your liking! Not only can this be a way to save you time and money each week, but also can be what inspires the meals each and every day.)

Then, planning and organizing will again, be the best tool for executing this all properly. Create a Google Document to dedicate for your meal preparations, and add a table including every day of the week along with every meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Decide the meals you want to prepare for each of these days, and having similar meals or even replicas some days during the week can cut down on time required to allocate on the weekends. Create your grocery lists with the store of choice and then you are ready to begin!


Utilize the Internet

The resources for recipes and guidance are practically unlimited and more are being added daily. Utilize Google, and Youtube to find exactly what you are desiring to achieve each and every week. Find the best recipes within the budget or simply use it as your route of inspiration. Here are some great websites and Youtube channels for meal preparations:

“The Lean Green Bean”

“Meal Prep on Fleek”

“All Recipies”

Image result for allrecipes logo

“Fit Couple Cooks” (YouTube)

“Cheap Lazy Vegan” (YouTube)

“Tasty” (YouTube)


You Are Ready!

Do not be intimidated by the process of meal preparing, just like anything the more you practice the better you will get. There is a reason behind the meal preparing trend, and that is, not only does it make lives easier but can also create healthier eating habits – something we all strive for! Setting yourself up with the tools necessary to have a successful week will do nothing more than benefit you!

Why to Sell Your Home During the Holidays!

September 15th, 2017

Many assume that the spring and summer are the best times to sell your home because it is warmer and may be easier to have the nicest curb appeal. But there is a myth to this, as one of the best times of the year to sell your home is starting to approach us – the holidays. Sure, many buyers do plan to purchase during the warmer months, but that doesn’t mean that after Labor Day all the buyers disappear from the market.

The holiday season has many advantages, and can even put you at a greater advantage to sell your home faster! Here are some of the ten characteristics of the holiday season that are great enough reasons to sell during this time of the year!

10. One of the top reasons for selling during this time, is there are fewer homes being sold on the market! Typically in the spring, there are traditionally more houses on the market which ultimately will bring the prices down.

9. Continuing from this, fewer houses on the market will price higher.

8. Many new employees begin working in the month of January. This would mean you would want your house already on the market for this time period instead of waiting until the Spring.

7. It is also very common for people to buy before the end of the year for tax purposes.

6. Because it is the holiday season, many buyers may have a bit more hours in their week to look for a home.

5. Maybe homes don’t have that perfect green front-law curb appeal – but they can have decorations! Decorations on a house or even the white snow can create just as much curb appeal that a spring-green lawn can have.

4. Since the market for houses is less during the holiday season, that means you are able to captivate motivated buyers for the best possible sale price for you.

3. Another unique characteristic is that many international buyers, tend to be looking more during the winter holiday season in America. This just adds to the increase in buyers with a still minimal market.

2. Individuals looking to purchase during this time are in a much more serious stand point than in other parts of the year. People that want to buy a home during this time and notably motivated and determined to find a house.

1. Lastly, and most important – any time of year is a great time to sell with Stevenson Residential Group. The holiday season should not deter you from doing so, and with Stevenson Residential Group you will get nothing but the best outcome ANYTIME of the year!

Looking to sell – contact us today!


Creating a Luxurious Bathroom

September 4th, 2017

It is safe to say the kitchen is the heart of any home, but then the bathroom needs to be considered as the brain. The bathroom is where we start and end every day – where we prepare ourselves to feel the absolute best. Everybody deserves to make their bathroom feel straight out of a luxury-home catalog. Many trends of luxurious bathrooms follow more of a hidden luxury approach. Here are some of the best trends that can make any bathroom feel extravagant.

Relaxing Color Palette

Creating a room to be soothing and relaxing, starts with the color palette. A soothing palette can produce a spa-like bathroom that is overcome with tranquility. Follow a palette of soft creams, grays, light aquas, blues, or greens.

Open Showers

A shower with no threshold is a very simple trend, yet it is something that should have been done for years. The idea is accomplished by having seamless entry into a shower, with no obstruction to the flow in the bathroom.

Multiple Showerheads

Yes, one shower-head will get you clean – but why not have more! Multiple streams of water coming at you from different directions create enormous feelings of indulgence and rejuvenating.

Smart Technology

The trend of smart homes has been on the rise over the past decade, and this is extending into the bathrooms of many. Many smart technologies for the bath include showers with digital controls, in-shower televisions, Bluetooth speakers, automated toilets and much more. Smart bathrooms continue to gain momentum, as the improve the quality of all activities done in the bathroom.

A luxury bathroom is not completely out of reach, something as simple as the color palette or as advanced as a self-cleaning shower can make any bathroom feel upscale.

Listing – Gambrill Circle

August 28th, 2017

Another impeccable listing has hit the market and is waiting for its forever owner. This house sits in White Marsh at a listing price of $520,000.

This spacious 3-story house has so much to offer, to start it has 4-bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms, and 1 half-bathroom. The house has been kept immaculately, making it move-in ready.

The house has magnificent wooden flooring through out, along with faultless finishes in the entire home.

This house not only has a massive dining room area but even has spaces for a large breakfast table in the kitchen. The kitchen which also features beautiful cabinetry and polished granite countertops. And of course, the kitchen is equipped with stainless steel appliances.

The living room is lined with a clean white carpet, making it the perfect space to create that dream living room. And there is nothing like cozying up in the winter by a beautiful gas fireplace.

Moving on to the dreamiest place to slumber, the master bedroom. While each bedroom has tons of space, the master bedroom has a massive amount of room for any bed size to fit cleanly. Along with a master bathroom featuring a walk-in shower and soaking bath tub.

The previous owners did a fantastic job of with the property. They even added a finished basement with a walkout, a maintenance free deck, fence, and a trampoline pit.

This house has everything to offer and is in an exceptional area.

Interested in seeing this house? Contact us, today!

Turning Junk into Reinvented Furniture

August 22nd, 2017

New furniture can seem like something that will come with a large price tag. But, plenty of people have tons of old furniture lying around the house asking to be reinvented. Maybe you have some old items in the basement or garage, here is the inspiration you need to make those into beautiful new furniture.

Here are a few ideas to repurpose some old furniture and make them into new items that will fit into any home decor style:

1. Average Chairs into a Corner Bench

2. Old Coffee Table into a Stylish Ottoman

3. Old Dresser into TV Stand

4. Tray Repurposed into Jewelry Organizer

5. Baskets into Circular Shelves

6. Suitcases into End Tables

7. Door into a Coffee Table

8. Old Headboard into a Shelf

9. Coffee Table Made from Wooden Crates

10. Upcycled Table Made from Vinyl Record

New Listing – Groffs Mill Drive

August 15th, 2017

A brand new listing located in this magnificent complex of Owings Mills has hit the market!

Sitting at a mere listing price of  $154,000 – this condominium is supplied with two bedrooms and two full bathrooms. Condominiums have much to offer, and this one, in particular, is perfect for any buyer tired of renting and looking to own.

Through the doorway of your future property, lies an embracing welcome area, bottomed with bright flooring.

The condominium has tons of spacious rooms, starting with an open floor plan which makes great for any type of entertaining. And when the day is over, getting comfortable in your living room near the gas fireplace is a great way to de-stress and simply relax!

The kitchen off to the side of the living room has cabinet space from top to bottom. The white finishings throughout the kitchen allow for easy decorating and makes the kitchen feel bright and lively.

Each room is boundless with tons of light coming through the large windows that enhance the openness of the entire floor plan. The bedrooms are no different. The master bedroom is equipped with tons of great closet space, and wall-to-wall of a clean white carpeting. The second bedroom follows the theme of space the rest of the house leads with.

Every square inch of this property was made for creating the perfect home.

There is no need to worry about parking, with the one deeded space in the garage. The community itself is near tons of great hiking trails and convenient shopping, not to mention the quick trip to the inner harbor can be done practically every day! And at the very least, no matter what your days hold coming to this condominium and relaxing on your balcony will immediately make you feel at ease and at home.

Interested in this house, contact us TODAY!

Defying Gravity

August 1st, 2017

Interior design is always being pushed to its limits, and people’s inner creativity is always bringing it in a new direction. The beauty of any interior design is you don’t have to make it conservative for it to look great, in fact, some of the best interior designs come from those that decide to take risks.

A designer based in London, Splinterworks – shows how taking risks can lead to interior design art. The designer is composed of two men that are able to incorporate sculptural but functional furniture. The bring incorporate sleek stainless steel mixed with polished woods while defying every law of gravity. Their kitchen collection is just one example of the artists’ abilities.

These pieces may not look like typical kitchen appliance or styles, but they still manage to look incredibly modern and still semi-simplistic. Whether you prefer the highly-reflective stainless steel mixed with the warm walnut cabinetry or the Jesomite and steel – both designs challenge any viewer while also making sense of the balance and gravity.

This one is definitely taking Newton’s “apple” to another direction.

The designs by theses artists will make anyone notice that creativity is boundless, for any design as a whole. Plus, they incorporate many aspects into their art such as engineering and architecture elevating their creations to the next level. Each piece they create is limited edition and they are always putting out brand new furniture and styles to stop your heart and put you into a moment of awe.